Bull Insurance – The Benefits


With the upcoming bull buying season upon us, it is a good time to update you of the benefits of purchasing bull insurance.

Bulls are generally a farms biggest single livestock purchase and as such come with a pretty beefy price tag (excuse the pun!!).

Bulls, although generally big and strong, can be quite temperamental and with the massive weight these fellas carry can be quite susceptible to injury, especially those that are being used on our steeper hill country farms. Injuries can stop the bulls from doing the job they were purchased for.

Penis issues from fractures or twists during mating can also be a huge problem and  again can have major bearing on calving numbers.

Based on the variety of issues that can go wrong and the monetary value of these bulls I would certainly recommend insuring them for a 12 month period. Farmers insure all other farm assets, so why not this one.

Bull Insurance At A Glance  – What is covered (Please contact us for the full policy wording)

  • Death caused by illness or injury
  • Infertility caused by illness or injury
  • Vet fees
  • Includes cover in transit
  • No excess

For more information please contact Andrew WIllock on 027 2276174 or andrew@ehinsurance.co.nz  I will also be at all the sales in the Gisborne, East Coast & Wairoa region so come and see me on site for immediate cover.

Insure a bull for 12 months with Emerre & Hathaway during the 2017 Bull Sales and go into a draw to win $1,000 worth of sponsorship to an organisation of your choice


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