Important Development with Travel Insurance – CoronaVirus 03 March 2020


Today we have received notice of a important development from the New Zealand travel insurance industry.

Insurance Companies now deem CoronaVirus to be a ‘known event’ globally. This means that insurers consider that travellers should now be well aware that CoronaVirus may impact travel plans to all destinations. Previously these Insurance restrictions had only applied for travel to mainland China and South Korea.

In simple terms, Travel insurance purchased after 2 March no longer covers losses or additional costs associated with CoronaVirus; for example, Medical costs, Cancellation/Delay, Loss of deposits etc.

For clients with ‘Annual Corporate Business Travel’ type policies, these restrictions will apply to any travel bookings made after this date.

Insurance companies want to remind travellers that irrespective of when the travel and insurance was arranged, there is no cover for ‘disinclination to travel’ e.g a person postpones their travel due to concerns they may come into contact with other potentially infected travellers.

If you do face travel cancellation or disruption, please first contact your travel agent or airline who may be able to make alternate plans (depending on existing tickets).

Insurance companies are encouraging affected customers to submit a claim for consideration as each case is different and will be assessed in accordance with the terms of the policy. Please include any relevant documents which help to substantiate the circumstances and any associated costs or losses. The Emerre & Hathaway claims team will be happy to assist you with this process.