Covid 19 – Emerre & Hathaway Important Contact Info


Due to the recent announcement from the Government that we are entering into level 4 there will be some major changes to the way we conduct business at Emerre & Hathaway. We have now closed our offices and all staff will be working remotely from home.We will still be available to service existing clients and provide quotes for new clients.If you wish to contact your broker or for new clients wishing to contact a broker below is a list of contact numbers:

Andrew Willock – 027 2276174

Ray Brott – 8672230

Stuart Harbottle – 021 0766192

Darryn Emerre – 021 214 900

Glen Hannah – 027 8199022

Bruce Talbot – 021 992 845

If you wish to lodge a claim please contact the following:

Tina Barnby (Claims Manager) 0210 2695232

Jen Fenn (Claims Assistant) 027 4147095 or

There is a desk between the front doors of our offices if you wish to complete a claim form, and a slot for these to be placed. They will be cleared each day at 4pm. You can also still make a claim or a query through our website

We appreciate that these are difficult times, we will try to accommodate all your insurance needs, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries.

Take care and stay safe.