Insurance Services

At Emerre and Hathaway Insurances Ltd we pride ourselves on our ability to offer products of all types of insurance and individuals specific requirements. We offer commercial, rural & domestic. We also have facilities available to us specifically tailored to certain industries.

We advocate on your behalf

We put a high level of importance on our ability to provide an excellent claims service. We are aware that this is an area where we are most often measured by our clients and we see claims as our main point of difference from dealing directly with an insurance company.

“When you buy a pair of shoes you have something tangible to take home, when you buy an insurance policy you get a document and it isn’t until you have a claim that you get the benefits of it.”

Emerre and Hathaway have two staff dedicated to claims, run by manager Tina Barnby, who has over 30 years in the industry. She will walk you through the claims process from filling out the claim forms to the final claim settlement. This includes claims disputes.

“We are advocates for our clients and if we believe the insurance company involved has not settled fairly within the policy conditions then we will negotiate this on behalf of the client. Something that does not necessarily happen when you insure direct with Insurance companies as they are acting for themselves and not necessarily for the client.”

Insurance services from the farm gate to the fishing boat

Domestic Insurance Cover

Protecting your home and all it’s belongings to ensure you're covered when things head south.

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Commercial Insurance Cover

A wide range of Commercial and Business Insurance services tailored to Gisborne businesses.

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Rural Insurance Cover

Working with the local farming and agriculture community for over 30 years to prevent and protect their assets.

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